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How prioritising your Hearing Care Enhances Healthy Aging

What is healthy aging?

Healthy aging is not about defying aging, it’s about aging in a natural way, avoiding risk factors that can decrease functions at a quicker pace than expected.

There are multiple factors that can contribute to aging across all aspects of your health.

When we look at cognitive health, the health of the brain, things like motor skills, memory, and thinking ability all contribute. It’s widely accepted that staying active, brain games, reading, or memory games can help to maintain your overall brain health.PH_Pic_additional_visual_WHWB_cognitive_dimension_chess_option_A_01 

However, an often-overlooked aspect of cognitive health is how your hearing comes into play. Recent studies have indicated that hearing is a vital factor in your health and is a key aspect in healthy aging.

The ENHANCE study is one of such studies, where older adults with hearing loss received hearing intervention, including hearing aids, and were monitored for 3 years.  When the performance of the  participants who used hearing aids were compared with those who did not s, the results showed those using hearing technology maintained stable cognitive health over 3 years, whereas those not using hearing aids showed a decline in cognition over the same period.1

Why this is significant?

With the connection between hearing health and brain health, it is vital that if you want to stay on top of your health, you need to take care of your hearing.

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