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Independent advice

At Hear Room, we're dedicated to delivering comprehensive consulting services to address your communication challenges with a collaborative and client-focused approach. Our expertise in creating innovative, effective, and resilient solutions is especially evident in our tailored assistive technology consultations for the deaf and hard of hearing, including NDIS participants and educational support across all learning levels. We also provide specialised services to enhance workplace inclusivity and design accessible physical environments, collaborating with professionals like architects and engineers. Our ultimate aim is to foster communication accessibility, ensuring everyone can thrive and connect, and making the world more inclusive for all.

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Hearing Consult

At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive array of personalised hearing services, from initial wax removal and screening to in-depth assessments using cutting-edge technology. We specialise in customised hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and ongoing support to ensure your device is both comfortable and effective. Our dedicated team provides continuous advice and a variety of hearing-related services to maintain optimal hearing health, guiding you every step of the way.

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Hearing Devices

Explore our exquisite selection of top-tier, meticulously chosen hearing aids from trusted brands, tailored to your unique needs. Our range promises unmatched functionality and style, whether you aim to improve communication, enjoy crystal-clear music, or seek a discreet, comfortable aid. We're dedicated to offering these superior devices at affordable prices, ensuring you find the ideal hearing aid that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, all without straining your budget.

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Assistive Technology

At the heart of our mission is to enhance lives with a wide range of assistive technology. Our carefully selected collection caters to various needs, breaking down communication barriers with customised, cutting-edge solutions. Our products, from advanced remote microphones to innovative SoundField systems, ensure clarity in any setting, leading the charge in technological progress. We’re committed to innovation, constantly seeking new technologies to expand our offerings for personal, educational, or professional use, aiming to empower individuals and promote inclusivity and connection in every aspect of life.

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Struggling with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or seeking more inclusive setups in work or education? Hear Room offers tailored, expert advice to unlock your potential and achieve your goals. Understanding that everyone's journey is unique, we dive into your specific needs, empowering you with strategies to navigate NDIS complexities and make impactful adjustments in any setting. Choose Hear Room for personalised support that truly listens and transforms your environment.

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Hearing Augmentation 

At our firm, we excel in delivering customised hearing augmentation solutions, starting with a thorough assessment to tailor our designs to your unique needs and lifestyle. Our approach, recognising the individuality of hearing needs, ensures our solutions integrate seamlessly into your daily life, enhancing your hearing and overall quality of life. Leveraging the latest hearing technology, our experts craft cutting-edge solutions, continually updated to offer the most effective outcomes. We're committed to providing a personalised hearing augmentation experience, designed to improve your life in every aspect.

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School Hearing Screening 

Often overlooked, hearing impairments can significantly hinder a student's ability to engage and excel in class. Hear Room champions early detection with our child-friendly hearing screenings for school-aged children, aiming for swift intervention. By working closely with educators and parents, we strive for an inclusive learning environment where every child can thrive without barriers. Our commitment is to ensure accessible education through awareness, support, and essential resources for students, teachers, and families alike.

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Wax Removal

At Hear Room, we're leaders in exceptional ear wax removal, offering both in-clinic and convenient mobile services with cutting-edge micro-suction technology for safe, effective treatment. Our skilled team tailors services to your needs, prioritising comfort and minimal disruption. Whether at home or elsewhere, expect a seamless experience focused on your ear health. Choose us for a superior, compassionate service that places your ear health in expert hands.

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Professional Development / Training

At Hear Room, we offer tailored training programmes in hearing technologies and soundfield systems, blending theory with practical, hands-on learning. Our courses are designed for both newcomers and professionals, enhancing communication in various settings and deepening your understanding of current hearing support technologies. By joining our training, you'll not only improve your technical skills but also your empathy and understanding of the hearing community’s needs. Embark on a professional development journey with us to elevate your expertise, break down communication barriers, and make a significant difference in the hearing community.

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Hear Room is thrilled to partner with Transcribe Inc. as the official Australian reseller of Ava, a revolutionary speech-to-text platform. Ava offers unparalleled ease and accessibility for captioning in any setting, from large events to virtual meetings. Its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design makes captioning simple for all, supporting our mission to dismantle communication barriers. Ava represents a significant step towards inclusivity, allowing everyone to fully engage in conversations. We're excited for you to discover Ava's transformative impact on communication.

Who We Are

Committed to access, inclusion and excellence.

Jim Russell, Principal Consultant, has experience in the hearing healthcare industry since 2003 and is a full member of the Australian College of Audiology.

We understand that individuals have different requirements, and that every situation is unique. We are passionate about accessibility and inclusion for hard of hearing and deaf community, with a special interest in access within the classroom and the workplace. 

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Principal Consultant

"Jim's advice and service have been fantastic. He understood my needs for the workplace assessment modification I needed and provided the right technology in order to assist with the need to hear on a phone with great quality."




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