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Roger™ Dynamic SoundField System

Lively discussions and interactions between teachers and students are vital for effective learning. However, classroom acoustics are usually less than ideal and teachers are often speaking to students from a distance when they teach. This means that a child’s daily learning environment comes with many listening challenges.

Fortunately, with Roger SoundField, these challenges can be easily overcome. Roger SoundField effectively distributes sound from the teacher, students and other sound sources throughout the entire classroom.

The Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study (MARRS) revealed that soundfield systems decrease background noise and help children pay attention, hear and understand the teacher better. It also reported improvements in reading and language scores for thousands of students in classrooms that use soundfield technology.

The Use of Sound Field Amplification of the Teacher’s Voice In the Regular Education Classroom – A Summary of Studies. THE MARRS Project:  Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study. Retrieved from, accessed March 12th, 2018

Roger Soundfield Classroom



Average Classroom Noise

Massie, R & Dillon, H, 2006, 'The impact of sound-field amplification in mainstream cross-cultural classrooms: Part I Educational outcomes', Australian Journal of Education, vol. 50, no. 1.

Unrivaled Performance

In order to understand speech in noisy classrooms, children require a better signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Roger SoundField significantly boosts a young student’s chance for academic success by providing an improved acoustic environment for listening and learning.

Offering best-ever speech-in-noise improvements for normal hearing children of up to 28% at 65 dBA of noise and 50% at 70 dBA over no soundfield, Roger SoundField is in a class of its own.

​Wolfe, J., Morais, M., Neumann, S., Schafer, E., Mülder, H., Wells., N., John, A. & Hudson, M. (2013). Evaluation of Speech Recognition with Personal FM and Classroom Audio Distribution Systems. Journal of Educational Audiology, 19, 65-79.


Benefits for teachers

Noisy classrooms can result in teachers suffering from vocal strain – leading to poor vocal health in the long term and increased costs due to teacher absences. A survey in the UK by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People revealed that 59% of schools reported teaching days being lost due to vocal strain. 

A recent study in Brazil showed that using Roger SoundField in a classroom, for just one period of the school day, was enough to improve dry throat symptoms, voice quality, fatigue while talking and vocal strain in teachers.

The risk of longer-term vocal health problems is also lower and because teachers need to repeat themselves less often, there’s more time in class to cover lesson material.

Students being able to hear and respond to instructions better has not only shown improvements in academic performances but in-class discipline is also easier to maintain.

Schools perform better financially too, thanks to reduced teacher absenteeism due to voice loss – and reduced replacement-teacher costs.


Roger Upgrader

Roger Upgrader is designed to ensure the Roger compatibility of Phonak devices, such as: wireless microphones (Roger Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around, inspiro, DynaMic); loudspeakers (Roger Dynamic SoundField); and multimedia accessories (Roger Multimedia Hub, AudioHub).

Roger Upgrader
Update Today

Get support to ensure you are running the latest updates for your systems.

Jim Russell

Principal Consultant, Hear Room

Phonak Leo

Interactive Stories

This interactive storybook helps parents and teachers put children at ease with the hearing care process and associated technologies. It is available, in 13 languages, and free in the Apple App Store for iPad users.

Comfort and entertain children with hearing loss

Children with hearing loss may feel anxious about fitting in with their friends, especially when wearing new hearing technology. Leo the lion cub’s interactive storybook app is designed to help, providing children with a furry friend who faces exactly the same challenges they do.  

  • The App contains two stories: “Leo Gets Hearing Aids” and “Leo Gets a Roger System.”

  • In these engaging stories, Leo learns how using his hearing assistive technology can help him to have more fun and do better at school.

  • Leo’s storybook is suitable for children aged 1-8 years. It uses easy-to-follow language and engaging full-color illustrations to depict Leo and his animal friends as he travels through his hearing care journey.

  • This interactive app adds environmental sounds, and readers can tap on different characters to make them spring instantly to life.

  • The Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories iPad app is available in 13 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese.

Leo colouring pages – it’s magic!


Print and color two engaging Leo coloring pages and turn them into interactive 3D worlds with the free app Quiver available for tablets and smartphones. Make Leo come alive!    

  1. Download and print the Leo Coloring pages “Leo on the soccer field” and “Leo and his magical playroom”.

  2. Let your youngest patients color in Leo and his toys in their favorite colors.

  3. Download the Quiver app, scan the page and watch how Leo and his toys come alive. Make him score a goal or play with his magical toys. Record different creations from within the app and share it on social media using #coloringleo.


Download Quiver app

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Roger® for Education

Kits and accessories are available from Hear Room.  

Roger Soundfield systems also have the following mounting options: Tripod Stand, Floor Stand, Desk Stand and Wall Mount.

Contact Us to discuss the suitable option for your classroom.


Roger Soundfield V2 Essential Kit Tripod Stand

Roger SoundField systems are ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and conference rooms.

Roger Soundfield V2 Essential Kit Tripod


Roger Touchscreen Mic
Roger DigiMaster 5000 Speaker V2
Tripod Stand
Associated Power Cables
Roger Soundfield V2 Essential Kit Wall Mount

Roger SoundField systems are ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and conference rooms.

Roger Soundfield V2 with Wall Mount-2


Roger Touchscreen Mic
Roger DigiMaster 5000 Speaker V2
Wall Mount
Associated Power Cables
Connected Classroom Kit

The ultimate classroom soundfield solution to meet all your needs.

Connected Classroom Kit


Roger Soundfield V2 Essential Kit plus
Roger Multimedia Hub
Roger Pass-around Mic
Roger Charging Rack
Roger Touchscreen Mic

Essential when there are hearing aid or cochlear implant users in the classroom, Roger Touchscreen Mic provides Roger sound quality and speech understanding to listeners with personal Roger receivers, Roger NeckLoop and Roger SoundField listeners at the same time. 

Roger Touchscreen Feature


Maximum Performance
Automatic Microphone Modes
All Day Battery
Full Compatibility