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Expert Independent Guidance


With years of experience, our staff have the capabilities and expertise to provide you with the advice needed to prepare an inclusive hearing environment for your students/children.

Hearing Test

School Hearing Screening Program

A hearing impairment can have an impact on your child’s ability to learn and participate both in the classroom and at home. Kids with hearing loss might have delayed talking, trouble learning at school, play up in the classroom, or need extra support at school.

Hear Room offer a hearing screening program that can be delivered to all school-aged kids. Through this program, our goal is to increase awareness of both normal hearing and hearing impairments throughout the school community. This program identifies a child’s basic hearing and middle ear status and helps us pick up those children who might have trouble hearing in the classroom.

The School Screening Program:

  • Is conducted at school during school hours and is generally offered to prep and early primary children.  Older children can be screened on request.

  • Includes hearing screening with headphones to assess hearing levels in both ears across the volumes and frequencies most important speech and language development.

  • Includes screening assessment of middle ear function to generally pick up any middle ear problems.

  • Identifies children who would benefit from additional hearing assessment.

Hearing Test


Redcat SoundField System


Instructional Audio

Capturing instructional audio including voices and screens so that learners at the back get the same auditory learning experience as learners at the front of the room.



Personal Solutions

PH_Packshot_Roger_On_x2_lying_perspective_056-3010_056-3011Bespoke Solutions

Providing a range of solutions and advice to meet each person's wants and needs.  If the traditional approach is not working for you then Hear Room will work with you to find a solution.


FrontRow SoundField System


FrontRow Juno

FrontRow classroom soundfield helps engage students, ensuring they can hear the teacher and any classroom audio with clarity.


Phonak SoundField System

Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 5.41.05 pm

Roger™ for Education

The Roger SoundField amplification system features high sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity.



ChatterVox® Voice Amplifiers

chattervox-original-complete-plus-c_8fc98072-da26-4b42-aaca-5e0470fc3c47_1024x1024.jpgPersonal Voice Amplifiers

Portable personal voice amplifier that is worn around the waist. Ideal for teachers in the general classroom, small assemblies as well as music, dance, drama and PE activities. 



Additional Access


Captioning & Note-taking

Empowering Deaf & hard-of-hearing people and inclusive organisations with the best live captioning and note-taking solutions for any situation.

Hear Room will assist you to implement captioning into your school or workplace to make an inclusive environment.