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Expert Independent Guidance


Drawing on our in-depth expertise in auditory learning, our team offers tailored advice to meet your specific needs. We understand sound's vital role in creating a conducive learning environment, looking beyond acoustics to its emotional and psychological effects on learners.

We're committed to enhancing your learning spaces to promote focus, creativity, and inclusivity. We use research-backed strategies that are easy to implement.

Rely on us for comprehensive support, from consultation to custom solution implementation, as we help make your educational settings inspiring and inclusive for every child.



Redcat SoundField System


Instructional Audio

Recording instructional audio, encompassing both voices and visual content ensures that every learner, whether seated at the front or the back, enjoys an equally immersive auditory learning experience.

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Phonak SoundField System

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Roger™ for Education

The Roger SoundField amplification system boasts superior audio quality alongside effortless, plug-and-play convenience.

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FrontRow SoundField System


FrontRow Juno

The FrontRow classroom audio system enhances student engagement by guaranteeing crystal-clear audibility of both the teacher and any classroom sounds.

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Personal Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Offering a bespoke suite of solutions and guidance tailored to your individual preferences and requirements. Should standard methods fall short, Hear Room is here to collaborate with you in discovering the right solution.

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ChatterVox® Voice Amplifiers

chattervox-original-complete-plus-c_8fc98072-da26-4b42-aaca-5e0470fc3c47_1024x1024.jpgPersonal Voice Amplifiers

Discover the convenience of our compact personal voice amplifier, designed to be comfortably worn around the waist. Perfectly suited for educators in various settings, including regular classrooms and smaller gatherings, as well as for enriching music, dance, drama, and physical education sessions.

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Additional Access


Captioning & Note-taking

Elevating the experiences of Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and forward-thinking organisations with top-tier, live captioning and note-taking services tailored for every occasion.

Hear Room is here to guide you in integrating captioning within your educational institutions or workplaces, fostering a culture of inclusivity.


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Hearing Test

School Hearing Screening Program

Hearing challenges can significantly affect your child's learning and social participation, both at school and home. Children experiencing hearing difficulties may show signs of delayed speech development, face challenges with their schoolwork, exhibit behavioural issues in the classroom, or require additional learning support.

At Hear Room, we've introduced a comprehensive hearing screening initiative tailored for children of all school ages. Our mission through this initiative is to foster an understanding of hearing health and impairments within the school environment. By evaluating each child’s hearing and middle ear function, our program aims to identify students who may be experiencing auditory difficulties, ensuring they receive the support needed to thrive in an educational setting.

The School Screening Program:

  • Is conducted at school during school hours and is generally offered to prep and early primary children.  Older children can be screened on request.

  • Includes hearing screening with headphones to assess hearing levels in both ears across the volumes and frequencies most important speech and language development.

  • Includes screening assessment of middle ear function to generally pick up any middle ear problems.

  • Identifies children who would benefit from additional hearing assessment.

Hearing Test