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Redcat SoundField System

All-in-one Instructional Audio

Simply set Redcat on a table or hang it on a wall, then plug it in to deliver crystal-clear audio to the whole class.

Redcat’s all-in-one design makes it the simplest way to bring clear audio to any class.

Ready to go right out of the box, Redcat delivers even distribution of sound and high speech intelligibility throughout the classroom to ensure the teacher’s voice is clearly heard by all students.

RedCat with FlexMike

Included with System

NextGen Flexmike


New Flexmike is 28% smaller & 33% lighter, making this the smallest education teacher’s microphone in the market

Redcat Speaker


Flat panel design ensures voice clarity and even distribution throughout the classroom.

Charging Cradle

RedCat Cradle

Chargers both Flexmike and Sharemike

Popular Options

NextGen Sharemike


New Sharemike is a perfect student microphone that has the latest point-to-pair function for easy connection to the RedCat speaker.

Multimedia Integration

Media Connector

Integrate all classroom multimedia audio sources. Computers, panels, mobile devices, and more can be connected to the compact Media Connector which wirelessly transmits the signal to a Redcat audio system.

Li-Ion Battery


The L14V Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery is built for the Redcat instructional audio systems.

Charging is accomplished by the use of the 24V/1.75A power supply that accompanies all Redcat.

Battery life is 12 hours on a single charge.

The RedCat Edge

  • No on-floor footprint and slim profile

  • Easy setup and with battery power option

  • Smallest and Lightest Flexmike microphone

  • ‘Point-to-Pair’ means Teachers can use their

  • own mike in different rooms

    Unique Redcat speaker optimises speech

  • intelligibility and coverage

    Speaker options to cater for every design

  • of learning space

    Agnostic and flexible connectivity to any hearing aid’s transmitter.

Redcat Hearing Aid Connect


Most classrooms aren't the ideal place for learning

Distance between a listener and an orator is one main enemy of clear hearing. “As speech sound travels away from the talking it loses 6db of amplitude for every doubling of distance.” Smaldino, J. J., Flexer, C (2012) Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility-Best practices for Listening, Learning, and Literacy in the Classroom. Thieme p20.

A large number of studies have reported on teacher preference for classroom audio distribution systems (CADS), including studies describing potential vocal health benefits for the teacher when an amplification system is used regularly.”

“Edwards and Fuen (2005) found that school teachers using CADS reported less vocal strain and greater voice clarity compared with experiences without amplification.” Smaldino, J.J., C.(2012). Handbook of Acoustics Accessibility – Best Practices for Listening, Learning, and Literacy in the Classroom. Thieme p60

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Great Sound


Ready to go right out of the box, Redcat delivers even distribution of sound and high speech intelligibility throughout the classroom to ensure the teacher’s voice is clearly heard by all students.

Flat-Panel Speaker ensures voice clarity & even distribution throughout the room.




The smallest and lightest educational microphone on the market. providing a microphone that can be used all day.

Point-to-pair, the feature allows teachers to use their own independent Flexmike seamlessly throughout different classrooms.

Media Connector


Media Connector provides wireless integration for audio-visual devices, from TV, computers, interactive whiteboards and more.


Sharemike_2022A small student microphone allows for class collaboration.

Access Link


A wireless microphone for the teacher, a wireless audio platform for the future.

Access Link lets you add wireless microphones to virtually any amplifier and speaker system, allowing freedom of motion and ensuring all students hear every spoken word.

With equal access to instruction, research has proven students are more attentive and on-task while redirections are dramatically reduced.

Access Link can also add a student pass-around microphone.



The 975 is a powerful classroom amplifier. But that’s just the beginning.

It’s also an advanced media control centre that can easily integrate all your audio sources and deliver high-quality audio for every student. This range of classroom sound systems is powered by Access Technology, which means it can seamlessly connect to other Access Technology components. That makes it easy to expand to enable new methods of instruction.

The versatile 975 classroom sound system solution connects to a variety of different speaker options to excel in a variety of different applications – whether it’s classrooms, open areas or large spaces – with no audio dropout or interference.