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Personal Voice Amplifiers

The ChatterVox, brought to you by the Enhanced Listening Technologies Group, stands out as the premier choice in portable voice amplification devices.

Initially crafted to aid individuals living with Parkinson's Disease, its design features a 'mellow' frequency response. This unique characteristic allows it to amplify even the softest 'whisper speech' without the unpleasantness of high-frequency tones.

Such a design principle renders it perfectly suited for anyone in search of a vocal enhancement that remains beautifully natural.

ChatterVOX 100 Circle (5000 × 5000px)

ChatterVox Models



ChatterVox® Amplio

Crafted for discretion, this sleek and handy device amplifies quiet voices to be easily heard within close quarters. It aims to smooth the path of communication, easing the burden on those with limited vocal strength and diminishing the tension that comes from struggling to be heard.


Recommended for

  • Teachers
  • Tour Guides
  • Vocal Strain Issues
Ultralight Noise-Canceling Headset Microphone
Natural Leather Amplifier Cover
LiI-ion Rechargeable Battery
Micro-USB Charging Cable
ChatterVox® Model 6

Boasting a robust 6 watts of power, this device effortlessly amplifies your voice up to an impressive 22dB. With a lightweight design tipping the scales at just 820g, it nestles snugly on your hip for all-day comfort. It's energised by four eco-friendly, high-capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries, offering a generous 8-10 hours of operation on a single charge.

CV  Model 6

Perfect Solution for 

  • PE Teachers
  • Tour Guides
  • Additional Vocal Power in an Outdoor or Noisy Environment
  • Vocal Strain Issues


Ergonomic Design for use All Day
Rechargeable Batteries pre-installed
ChatterVox Ruggedized Headset Microphone
Dedicated Charger