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Remote Microphones

Enhancing communication in challenging environments and minimizing background interference.

Incorporating remote microphones can significantly enhance the experience for hearing aid users, allowing them to capture sounds from a distance and directly stream them into their hearing aids. This feature proves especially valuable in noisy or crowded settings, where the remote microphone can effectively isolate a specific sound source, such as someone's voice, while filtering out unwanted background noise. Moreover, individuals with hearing difficulties in one ear can greatly benefit from remote microphones as they can pick up sounds from the opposite side of the room, enabling clearer and more comprehensive hearing.

Discover the perfect remote microphone solution tailored to your hearing aid requirements and preferences.

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Near Field Far Field

Hearing aids are intelligently crafted to enhance clarity for individuals with hearing impairments. However, it is essential to understand that there exists a distance limitation for sound to remain audible through the aid. Typically, the range of a hearing aid spans about 1.5 metres. Consequently, any sound surpassing this range may go unheard. Consequently, it is crucial to remember this when venturing into noisy surroundings. Should you require the ability to perceive sounds emanating from a greater distance, there are alternative devices available to assist you, such as assistive listening devices like remote microphones.

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Bluetooth Remote Microphones

Our line of remote microphones connect to your hearing aids via Bluetooth and are designed to help increase sound clarity by amplifying sound from a distance. They are lightweight, easy to use, and can be adjusted to fit your hearing needs.

Roger™ Remote Microphones

Roger™ remote microphones are an excellent choice for anyone looking for automatic control in high-noise-level environments. They offer an impressive dynamic volume feature that automatically adjusts sound levels quickly and easily. This makes them perfect for large events, lectures, and more. Plus, they're incredibly easy to use and set up.

Remote Microphones

Our popular remote microphones

Roger On V2
GST exempt

PH_Packshot_Roger_On_in_docking_station_056-3010-P5-1Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance. With its ability to distinguish the direction of incoming speech and Pointing mode 2.0, users have the flexibility to focus on the conversations that truly matter at work, in lectures and during social activities.

MultiBeam 2.0 Technology
Pointing mode 2.0
myRogerMic app
Widex Sound Assist
GST exempt


Widex Sound Assist connects to your Widex hearing aids to help you hear your life better. A discreet remote microphone solution for Widex Bluetooth hearing aids that helps with complex listening situations where clarity of speech is essential. Specifically designed for exceptional performance over distance and in noisy situations. Whether it's a one-to-one conversation, a lively dinner, or an important call, Sound Assist can help you feel more connected to the sounds that matter most to you.

Partner microphone mode
Table microphone mode
Hands-free phone calls
Streaming from any Bluetooth device
Telecoil mode
Roger Table Mic II Bundle
GST exempt

1574637394789Roger Table Mic II is a microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in various meetings. It selects the person who’s talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants.

2 x Table Microhones
MultiBeam Technology
Fully automatic
Remote control
Roger Clip-On Mic
GST exempt


Roger Clip-On Mic is a small microphone designed for one-to-one conversations. Featuring a directional microphone, the user can focus on a conversation with their partner.

Small and lightweight
Understanding over distance
Watching TV, listening to music and using multimedia