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Assistive Technology

Hear Room specialises in assistive technology for the hard of hearing and the deaf community, from advice to supply.

We will find the solutions to meet your needs, from doorbells to remote microphone technology.

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Home Devices

Hear Room recommends a range of Smart Doorbells, Smoke Alarms, alerting devices,  Television ALDs, device mounting options and more to provide you access to daily living notifications and communication.

Remote Microphones

Offering a range of remote microphones to work with a range of hearing device manufacturers, from wireless remote microphones to leading Phonak Roger™ microphones, providing improved access in over distanced and in high background noise situations, whether that be for work, social or education.

Hearing Protection

Hear Room encourage safe listening practices to reduce the impact of noise-induced hearing loss, and provide a range of solutions to suit everyone’s personal situation.


Speech-to-Text or captioning has become a major focus over the past few years, providing another pathway for closing the communication gap between the hearing and hard-of-hearing community.  

Hear Room has tested and received feedback on multiple platforms from the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Personal Voice Amplifiers

The ChatterVox from Enhanced Listening Technologies Group is simply the finest portable voice amplifier.

The ChatterVox system provides a clear speech signal and is a small, portable and rechargeable system that can be used almost anywhere.

Near and Far Conversations

Phonak Roger™

Hearing aids provide the most benefit when the speaker is within 1.5 meters / 5 feet of the listener up to a certain noise level. This is referred to as the “near field.” When noise is introduced to the listening environment, hearing aids apply directional microphone technology to provide an increased signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), optimizing speech intelligibility and listening comfort within the near field.

As soon as the noise increases and/or the distance between the listener and the speaker extends beyond the near field, additional microphones like Roger, are needed to maintain speech intelligibility and understanding while overcoming both noise and distance. This larger distance is referred to as the “far field.”

Roger™ is a digital adaptive microphone technology that wirelessly transmits a speaker’s voice directly to a listener’s hearing aid(s) or cochlear implant sound processor via Roger receivers to improve speech understanding in noise and over distance.

Audeara Bluetooth® Headphones

Perfect Sound, personalised to you.


Check your hearing


Each person hears differently, and your left ear hears differently to your right. Complete a simple hearing health check by connecting your Audeara headphones to our easy-to-use app.


Personalise your sound


Your hearing health check results can tailor your Audeara headphones to your individual hearing profile. You’ll hear sounds you didn’t know were missing!




By only increasing the sounds you can’t hear, you’ll experience clearer sound, not louder sound, preserving the hearing you have.

Hearing Protection

Hear Room recommends and provides a range of hearing protection solutions. graphic-b_1185px.png



Instant Fit Hearing Protection


Doc’s Pro Plugs, are designed to keep water out of the individual's ears while bathing or swimming.

Leashed together to help prevent loss.

Effective protection against loud noise, and high-frequency noise, while still allowing you to hear normal sounds.

Suitable For:
Recreational Use

Warning: DO NOT use for Scuba or Free Diving


Custom Fit Hearing Protection


Earplugs For Every Application

We provide hearing protection for various applications and industries. This includes Class 5 custom-made protectors, custom-made swim, sleep plugs, motorsports, shooting and music industry. 

Speech-to-text / Captioning

Hearing Room proudly supports and encourages the use of captioning to provide additional access for everyone.

There are numerous platforms and options for captioning, from traditional methods like Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) to modern platforms that use computer artificial intelligence (AI) to produce live captions automatically on computers, tablets and mobile devices. These modern platforms using AI make captioning readily available to everyone via mobile devices at much lower prices.

There are a number of platforms available that offer cost-effective access to captions, with them all offering something different, there is a solution for everyone.  It is work taking some time to review the option that best suits your needs.  Here are just a few that Hear Room has had some experience with that offer clear, accurate captions at an affordable price.


Ava - provides a range of subscriptions to suit everyone's needs and budget. It is an easy-to-use interface that offers great access on phones, tablets and computers. It is great for captioning live conversations, video conferences, videos and in some regions mobile phone calls. We are proud to be a reseller of Ava captioning in Australia.


Personal Voice Amplifiers

Nobody beats ChatterVox when it comes to quality and ease of use.  ChatterVox - you can hear the difference!

Mini Amplio



Witness the enhanced audio response of the next evolutionary step in the ChatterVox family in an amazingly thin and lightweight form.  The NEW ChatterVox Mini Amplio is the newest voice amplifier in the lineup.  It can boost your voice tremendously, all while coming in a ridiculously thin 1-inch depth. 

It consists of a rechargeable amplifier, speaker unit, and an extremely comfortable ChatterVox Ultra Lightweight Headset Microphone.  You simply charge the ChatterVox for a few hours with the included charger, put on the amplifier and headset, plug the headset into the amplifier, adjust the volume and you’re set. 



Model 100




The ChatterVox 100 s is the most popular portable voice amplifier in the lineup and quite possibly in the world.  It can give your voice a tremendous boost in a lightweight waist-worn pack. 

Featuring our exclusive “Genuine Tonality Matching” (GTM) technology, the sound of the model 100 is nothing short of amazing.  It’s natural sounding.  The ChatterVox becomes an extension of you.   It’s you, just louder, totally natural, just easier to understand.  Nobody comes close to the sound of the ChatterVox 100 with GTM technology. 

It consists of a rechargeable amplifier, speaker unit, and an extremely comfortable and durable ChatterVox Deluxe Headset Microphone.  You simply charge the ChatterVox overnight with the included charger, put on the amplifier and headset, plug the headset into the amplifier, adjust the volume knob and you’re set.  



Model 6




Looking for something a bit bigger and louder? 

The ChatterVox Model 6 is for you.  Designed for most outdoor applications, coaches, law enforcement, and even equestrian folks enjoy the additional volume of the Super Sized Model 6. 

It consists of a rechargeable amplifier, a speaker unit, and a comfortable ruggedised headset microphone.  You simply charge the ChatterVox overnight with the included charger, put on the amplifier and headset, plug the headset into the amplifier, adjust the volume knob and you’re set.